Update: The community platform will be reactivated at a future date.  If you’re interested in joining, please contact me with your email address to be placed on a waiting list.  When there is sufficient interest, I will notify the group of a launch date.  Thank you.  -Shaun

The Torpedo Trading Community is live!

Join me in building this community into the premier place for active investors to connect with one another and share knowledge.

Enter the community platform here.

Read important disclaimers and policies here.


Besides a discussion forum, the community platform includes several other integrated apps including: Blogs, Downloads, Gallery, and Calendar to help members collaborate with one another.

On this platform, you can:

  • Create your own blog to journal your trades and share your results;
  • Brainstorm new tactics and strategies;
  • Enjoy a discussion forum 100% free of spam, get-rich-quick scams, and shady pump-and-dump schemes;
  • Use the Calendar app to set up virtual and real-life meetups with other traders;
  • Post questions and feedback for me around-the-clock;
  • View premium content, like recorded case study videos that walk through real-life trades and illustrate technical analysis methods (coming later in 2017);
  • Access members-only giveaways and promotions (coming later in 2017).

It’s free to read the forum, but participation in the community requires membership at the Bronze level or above. This requirement keeps spammers away and helps us build the strongest possible community for members.  Bronze membership costs only $5/month.