Live Stream


I host live trading streams several times per week at the Torpedo Trading channel on  They are free to watch.  If you don’t have a Twitch account yet, all it takes is an email address to register there.

My live streams feature:

  • In-depth chart studies of stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, the VIX, and more
  • Technical & fundamental analysis to help you make better trades
  • Live Q&A with me
  • Interaction with other viewers in the chat
  • Stock sector analysis
  • Options trading strategies
  • Commentary on the latest news, as it happens

If you miss a live stream, complete recordings are available for a 14-day period.  You’ll find highlight clips on my YouTube channel too.

If I’m not broadcasting when you enter, make sure to click the follow button within my Twitch channel to be notified whenever the stream is live.  The Follow button is located in the top-right of the channel.

Here are some sample clips from my live stream that are freely available on my YouTube channel: