Shaun Cullinane, FCAS

Hi, I’m Shaun.  I’ve worked in the financial sector as a property/casualty actuary for 11 years, applying quantitative techniques to solve financial problems.  (FCAS = Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society).   Feel free to view my LinkedIn page to see my professional background and my publications.

I’ve been trading since 2007, although my fascination with the financial markets goes back further than that.  I’ve traded through some of the most volatile periods the markets have seen in decades.  I’ve developed skills including: fundamental analysis, technical analysis (studies of price charts), valuation, and options trading.   I’ve traded and invested in stocks, commodities, currencies, fixed income, and alternative investments.  Besides plenty of successful trades, I’ve made my share of mistakes along the way.  On the podcast, you’ll hear about those errors along with the important lessons to be learned from them!

I started Torpedo Trading because I wanted to create a resource that combines quality educational content with a strong community foundation.  I believe both elements are critical for success as a self-directed investor.  Accordingly, Education and Community are the two pillars of our mission.

When I look at the resources that exist today for self-directed investors, I see a lot of shady companies selling seminars, newsletters, and stock tips costing hundreds or thousands of dollars.  They teach you a couple technical indicators, then they promise you a nice steady return of 20%, 30%, or more per year if you just blindly follow those indicators.  Or, they email you special “alerts” and “signals” on “hot stocks” to buy and sell so you can get the same 1,000% annual return they claim to get with their “proprietary system”.  It’s dishonest and manipulative, and I don’t want anyone else falling into the trap of these get-rich-quick scammers.  I’ve seen it happen to too many investors I know.

Yes, I sell products and services here, as a way to provide extra value to investors and to give listeners an opportunity to support the work I do, but the podcast is free and will remain that way.  I’d rather have you enjoy the free shows as long as you like and buy when you are ready, than use lies and empty promises to sell you something expensive up front like the other guys do.

The best way to contact me is via the email address mentioned on the podcast.  You can also reach me using the contact form and connect with me on social media.  I encourage you to reach out – I read all messages and reply to as many as I can.