Trading should not be a solo venture, even if it sometimes feels that way.  In this episode, I present a framework for holding a fun and productive meetup or online trading session with other investors.  It’s important to discuss the markets with other people so you get to hear other ideas and have your own views challenged.  It makes you a better trader.


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Section 1: A General Meeting or Progress Report

  • Check-in with a couple friends or a small group, at least once per month
  • Start with macro trends, the big-picture view
  • One main topic per meeting: 15-minute discussion
  • Discuss your favorite investment ideas: no more than 5 minutes per person plus 5 minutes discussion time
  • Share results (profit/loss) as much as you’re able: builds accountability
  • Each participant should set a personal goal to reach before the next meeting
  • Suggest topic ideas for the next meeting

 Section 2: An Investment Club

  • Many different structures; members usually pool funds or agree to invest separately in the same things
  • More formal structure than other groups would have; more pre-planning involved
  • Longer meeting: aim for 3 hours or more
  • Always start with macro trends; choose one member to present for 5 minutes, can open up to discussion
  • Open the floor to discussion about any of the club’s current investments
  • Any member can propose a new investment idea to the group, giving a presentation of up to 20 minutes then allowing 30 minutes for discussion and vote
  • Designate a treasurer to report profit/loss if funds are pooled

Section 3: A Working Session: Trading Live

  • In-person or virtual
    • In-person: what to look for in a meeting site – Rent out a meeting room or use one at your local library
    • Virtual: Premium services provide full screen-sharing & collaboration tools; otherwise use Discord, Skype, Google Hangouts for just the basic chat & voice capabilities
  • Spend at least half the trading day observing other traders, rather than trading yourself
  • Start before the open: pre-market setup & discussion
  • End after the close: pick one trade to share with all; summarize lessons learned

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