Most 401(k) plans contain a variety of fund choices, so it can be hard to decide which ones to put your money into.  In this episode, I explain the best way to evaluate funds, separating the winners from the losers.  I also give my recommended asset allocations for the remainder of 2017, based on where we stand as of May.


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Section 1: Stock Funds

  • Domestic vs. international
  • Market cap (small/mid, or large)
  • Growth vs. value
  • Active vs. passive
  • Expense ratios

Section 2: Bond Funds & Fixed Income

  • Treasury bond funds
  • Corporate bond funds
  • Mixed bond funds
  • Bond fund duration: long-term, intermediate-term, short-term
  • Active vs. passive
  • Stable value funds
  • Money market funds

Section 3: Target Date Funds

  • How they work
  • Dangerously simple, and simply dangerous

Section 4: Alternative Funds

  • Commodities
  • Real estate
  • “Real value” funds
  • Should you invest in these?  When?

Section 5: My Target Long-Term Asset Allocation


401(k) statistics from the ICI


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