Today, I’ll present two simple trend-following strategies that new and experienced traders can use right away. I explain two easy methods for trend trading along with my top tips for profiting from these strategies.  I show you how to filter down a long list of potentially good setups into the ones that are most likely to succeed.


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Section 1: How to Setup Your Chart

  • Choose timeframe
  • Bar chart with OHLC (open-high-low-close)
  • How to read a bar chart
  • Green OHLC bar

Section 2: A Basic Pullback Strategy

  • How to spot a trend
  • Uptrend

    Uptrend: Moving averages in alignment

  • Trend persistency
  • Wait for a pullback
  • Trade entry
  • Why it works
  • How to select the best setups

Section 3: Moving Average Pullback Strategy

  • What is a moving average?
  • Which moving averages to select
  • Daylight
  • Trade entry
  • Moving average pullback example

Section 4: Trade Management Basics

  • Protective stops
  • Trailing stops
  • Taking profits



The Layman’s Guide to Trading Stocks, by Dave Landry


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