Trading and investing are all about information: Accessing it, processing it, and turning it into an action that makes you money.  In this week’s episode, I go through my favorite learning tools, data sources, news providers, and more to help you locate the most beneficial info and toss out the rest.


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Section 1: Market News, Commentary, and Data

Newspapers: Wall Street Journal, Barron’s (subscription required to view articles)

Online: Reuters for high-quality reporting on breaking news

Television: Bloomberg TV – Vic Niederhoffer’s blog

Economic articles & blog posts: Financial Sense, Monetary Metals, Keith Weiner Economics, Armstrong Economics, Let’s Talk Bitcoin

Podcasts: Financial Sense Newshour

Live prices in various futures markets around the world at

Live currency cross rates

Calendar of economic data releases and other important events

Daily historical prices for stocks, ETFs, and indices: Google Finance and Yahoo Finance

Live prices and stock charts: TD Ameritrade, Scottrade, Fidelity, Google Finance and Yahoo Finance

Economic data series from the St. Louis Fed

Historical oil price data from the Energy Information Administration

Various data series that can be imported into R, SAS, Python, and other advanced statistical tools

Cryptocurrency price charts

Section 2: Learning Advanced Topics

For serious students, I still think books need to be a part of your study plan.  Here are my ten essential books for traders and investors.

Spreadsheet skills: Microsoft Excel courses on from LinkedIn

YouTube – here’s one of my favorite presenters of high-quality technical analysis

Live streamers on – a very new but promising niche

Personalized instruction and coaching, customized to your goals

Section 3: Sources to Avoid

“Hot stocks” from email newsletters, pump-and-dump scammers, or social media groups

Poor-quality, overpriced garbage like Online Trading Academy – you’re paying $4,995 for what exactly??  Their obnoxious radio & junk-mail ad campaigns?

Instructors who promise massive returns overnight, turning $1k into $1M in three simple steps, etc.  Don’t get scammed.

Anything you use to get blind recommendations – always do your own diligence before making investments.

What are your favorite sources for news, commentary, data, and education?  Please share!  Leave a comment below.


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