Are you ready for the next financial crisis?  No one knows for sure when the crash will happen, but here are some sensible steps everyone should take to keep from being caught off-guard when it does.  I also tell you what signs to look for that will foreshadow the next crisis, so you can be calm and confident while others panic.


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Section 1: What Will the Next Crisis Be Like?

A brief review of the last few major financial crises

Signs and signals to watch for, this time around

Section 2: How to be Safe During Normal Times



Alternative assets

Hard assets

Know your goals and risk tolerance, and keep your assets in alignment with them

Multiple income streams

Preparedness outside of the financial world

Section 3: Getting Defensive When Risk is Elevated

Move to a conservative asset allocation, as I have already done with my own assets

A little-known tactic to avoid getting trapped within your retirement account

Protecting a portfolio using options without selling the stock

What to sell

What not to buy

Section 4: What to do When the Crisis Arrives

From smoke to fire: The stages of a crisis, and the actions you should be taking in each

Embrace risk as others are becoming the most fearful of it

Follow trustworthy news sources; stay away from mainstream media as much as you can


Episode 15: How to Get a Return on Cash

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The Survival Podcast – rational preparedness without the prepper mania

ZeroHedge – Why the Fed is Trapped: A 1% Increase In Rates Would Result In Up To $2.4 Trillion Of Losses

Battery1234 – Steven Harris’s website on how to make your own home battery bank for emergency power

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