Trade Analytics: Level 2 (Options Included)

Trade Analytics: Level 2 (Options Included)


Trade Analytics Level 2, Including Options


This is Level 2 of our Trade Analytics Service, INCLUDING options trades.  If you do not want to include options trades, choose Level 2 (Options Excluded)

There is no limit to the number of brokers you may include.

Five (5) Case Studies are included at no charge.  Additional case studies may be added on at: $30 each for stocks & ETFs; $50 each for Options.

Quarterly Refresh: We will update your trade analytics three (3) times in the one-year period following your date of purchase.  The updates will be completed approximately 90, 180, and 270 days following the delivery of the Level 2 service, provided you send us your trading history files at least 3 weeks ahead of those dates.  The quarterly refreshes do not include any case studies, since these are provided only with the initial purchase.  However, case studies may be added at the standard price of $30 each for stocks & ETFs and $50 each for Options.  Pricing is per case study, per refresh.


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