My Results (Total Profit/Loss on All Investing and Trading Activity)

(I don’t cherry-pick the one account that is doing best and report only that one.  That is deceptive).

When evaluating results, remember that trading is about reward AND risk.  I rarely use leverage.  I’ve been trading for 10 years, and I’d like to be doing it for at least 50 more years.  Therefore I have kept a conservative approach to my overall portfolio, with only a portion used to actively trade.  What you see below is my total profit/loss across all brokerage and retirement accounts, which includes all funds available for trades even though they may be in CDs, cash-equivalents, or longer-term holdings.


2017 Year-to-Date Portfolio Return (through May 18th, NOT annualized): +0.7%


2016 Portfolio Return: +6.0%

Best trades of 2016:
Oil (took a large stake in Q1 near the lows)
Chinese small-cap ETF (held through most of the year)
Kansas City Southern (election day trade)
Delta Air Lines December short puts

Worst trades of 2016:
Agricultural commodity ETF (Q3)
Insurance stock short ETF (Q4)
International real estate ETF (held all year)