Trade Analytics Service


Successful traders use data to make decisions.   One of the best sources of data is your own trading history.

Our trade analytics service takes your trading history, organizes it and turns it into insight that you can use.

Here’s a video sample of what you’ll receive with the Trade Analytics Service:

Here’s how it works:

You send us transaction list(s) from your brokers’ websites.  These aren’t account statements, so they don’t contain any personally identifiable information.

Then, we clean and organize the data, crunch the numbers to break down your performance and provide metrics with actionable steps you can take to improve future results.

Our deliverables to you are:

  • A video with screen capture, in which we go over the metrics and recommended action steps (15 minutes or longer);
  • A video for each case study included in your package (each 5 minutes or longer); and
  • A PDF containing all the charts in one document for your reference (60+ pages).

What is a case study?

  • You select a trade (or let us choose one for you).
  • We bring up the chart of that security during the time period of that trade.
  • We assess the quality of the trade entry, holding period, and exit point based on technical analysis and broader market conditions.
  • We suggest alternative actions that you could have taken to achieve a better result – and, most importantly, how you can apply that knowledge to your next trade.

All deliverables are personalized for you.  We also combine your trading history from multiple brokers.  You won’t find this level of depth and personalization with other trading services or from brokers.  Important note: We are not providing advice to buy or sell securities.  Read the important disclaimers at the bottom of this page before purchasing.

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Trade Analytics Pricing:

Service LevelLevel 1Level 2
Stocks and ETFs$189$389
Stocks, ETFs, and Options$299$499


Level 1:

  • Up to three (3) brokers. (Additional brokers: $49 each)
  • Three (3) Case Studies are included at no charge.  (Additional case studies: $29 each for stocks & ETFs; $49 each for Options)

Level 2:

  • Unlimited number of brokers.
  • Five (5) Case Studies included.  (Additional case studies: $29 each for stocks & ETFs; $49 each for Options)
  • Quarterly Refresh: We will update your trade analytics three (3) times in the one-year period following your date of purchase.  The updates will be completed approximately 90, 180, and 270 days following the delivery of the Level 2 service, provided you send us your trading history files at least 3 weeks ahead of those dates.  The quarterly refreshes do not include any case studies, since these are provided only with the initial purchase.  However, case studies may be added at the standard price of $29 each for stocks & ETFs and $49 each for Options.  Pricing is per case study, per refresh.

Promo: Want to help build up the community and save money at the same time?  We are trying to build up an archive of case studies as an educational resource for the community.  If you allow us to post your case study videos to the community platform, you will receive one free month of Bronze membership per case study.  That is three (3) free months with purchase of the Level 1 product and five (5) free months with purchase of the Level 2 product.  Bronze membership includes full access to the community, including all case study videos posted there.  Existing members at a higher level than Bronze will instead receive a $5 credit per case study, redeemable towards any products or services we sell.  This credit does not expire.

The videos will be labeled with your first name, country and/or state/province, the ticker symbol being analyzed, and the date.  That’s it!  So don’t be afraid to share.

When submitting an order, include the following order form which will allow us to get started on your order more quickly.

Orders are fulfilled within a maximum of three (3) weeks from the date we receive your payment, order form, and trade logs.

Trade Analytics Order Form


More Details on the Trade Analytics Service

After reviewing your custom video and case studies, you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to take your trading skills to the next level.

Over 60 charts are included, organized into the following categories:

Asset Allocation

This section has a detailed breakdown of your portfolio holdings:

  • Asset allocation across various asset classes (e.g. stocks, bonds, commodities, cash) and stock sectors (e.g. energy, financial services, etc.)
  • Target asset allocations based on long-term trends and intermediate-term market cycles
  • Maturity schedule of fixed income holdings and options
  • Portfolio yield rate
  • Foreign vs. domestic exposure

Volatility, Risk Levels, and Leverage

This section includes advanced metrics that illuminate the risk level of your portfolio.  We estimate your long-run distribution of annual returns and compare it against the target portfolio as well as against portfolios concentrated in stocks or bonds.  We also assess the amount of leverage in your accounts, whether it is obtained through options, levered ETFs, or margin.

Tax Analytics (United States Only)

This includes gain/loss summaries that will help you prepare for tax season by showing you how your trades are expected to impact your federal and state returns (United States only at this time). (Note: This is not a substitute for professional tax advice – see our Disclaimers page for more information.)

Trading Performance

This section is a deep dive into your trading results.  We slice and dice the data to pinpoint areas of strength and weakness and identify opportunities for improvement.  We use a proprietary prediction score to quantify trade selection and performance.

If you select the “Options” product, you get an extra section of graphs that break down your options trading history by:

  • Long vs. short
  • Simple vs. complex vs. covered call
  • Closing transaction (OTM expiry, exercise/assignment, buy/sell-to-close)
  • In-the-money vs. out-of-the-money
  • Time value vs. intrinsic value

Trading Costs

This area includes a study of all the various expenses involved with trading.  It compares your costs with benchmarks that vary based upon your trading style.

  • Broker commissions and fees
  • Fund expenses
  • Index tracking error
  • Bid/ask spread
  • Margin interest

* Important Information to Review Before Purchase

  1. In addition to our Legal Disclaimers, please review the following prior to purchase.
  2. The Trade Analytics Service is NOT personalized investment advice.  It is not tailored to your personal risk tolerance or financial goals.  It uses the data found within your own transaction history from your broker, but not for the purpose of giving personalized financial recommendations.
  3. We extract data from the trade history, supplement this data with our own data (for instance, on the composition of various ETFs and their expense ratios), and perform analytics on the data.  We provide you with information about what you have been trading and insight into the results you’ve achieved.  We also provide insight into potential areas of improvement, technical indicators to review, alternative investment vehicles which exist, and more.  All of this material is for educational purposes and does not constitute investment advice or a recommendation to buy or sell securities.
  4. If you elect to make any financial decisions after purchasing services from us, you are solely responsible for those decisions and their results.
  5. The transaction histories that brokers allow you to export to your PC in CSV or Excel format, and that we ask you to send us to allow us to deliver results to you, do not contain sensitive or confidential information like account numbers or dates of birth.  Review all information before transmitting it to us.  If you see that it contains sensitive information, remove that information before you send it.  If we discover sensitive information in anything you have sent us, we will do the following as soon as possible upon discovering it:
    1. Notify you of the information found,
    2. Permanently delete any and all copies of files that contained sensitive information,
    3. Request that you re-send the requested data, but with all sensitive information removed from it.
  6. We require trade histories from you in order for us to provide the service.  If you do not send us this data within ten (10) business days of purchase, and do not contact us regarding the matter, we reserve the right to cancel your order and refund your payment in full.
  7. Once you have sent us your trade history, we begin processing the data and preparing results.  If you are sending partial data, and more is coming, you must tell us or we must assume you have sent all the data you intended to send us.  There are no refunds after you send us your trade history.
  8. Although we do not allow refunds after receipt of your trade history, if you are not 100% satisfied with the service you receive please contact us immediately and I promise to do whatever I can to make it right.


Here’s how to get your trade history to send to us:

How to download trade history from Scottrade
How to download trade history from TD Ameritrade
How to download trade history from Fidelity
(We accept trade logs from other brokers too!)